reveiws of books by me and others

One thought on “reveiws of books by me and others

    kisajtoo13 responded:
    April 8, 2015 at 8:54 PM

    This is a reveiw of Witches by Ednah Walters:
    Raine is still learning how strong she is and the Norns (good and evil)
    Seem scared of her now that she has a special Norn weapon.
    Well Raine decides to make her own rules and tells them all off.
    It was great!
    Torin is very prominent in Raines world and they both find a way to keep it that way. He is very out spoken about h is feeli gs in this book.
    I love how Ingrid has come out of her shell, and hope the next book Ednah Walters writes revolves around her and a certain Grimnir!

    There were many ups and downs in the story. Ednah knows how to tell it so you get sucked in and feel like your apart of their reality. I read as slow as i could to make it last but I couldnt help myself..
    Defiantly going to be another best seller.
    Now I need to hunt for something to read while i wait for the next installment.


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